The "Engineering Office for the Construction Industry" (IBL) and the "Lüchtefeld Engineering Team" (PTL) was founded in 1977 as a private, independent, consulting engineer's office with a wide range of services for the building industry.

Surveys, building advice, structural analyses and supervision are provided by qualified engineers at the
"Engineering Office for the Construction Industry".

"Lüchtefeld Engineering Team" is engaged in the field of general structural engineering surveys, development planning, building supervision, logistics and production processes.

Due to intensive cost considerations over the years, it became necessary for the civil engineering sector to provide design services in addition to the purely structural management services. At the request of various clients, site surveys and valuations as well as designs for industrial factory buildings had to be provided with subsequent building supervision.

From 1980 onwards, members of the
"Lüchtefeld Engineering Team" specialized in logistics equipment for factory buildings and more intensely in production processes for the food industry. Today, management services are provided with valuation assessments, site location, industrial design, structural analyses and building supervision, complete with factory processing equipment.

The outstanding feature of industrial plants is their rectilinear design and strictly segregated material flow, so that raw materials and by-products can be processed and refined by the shortest supply and disposal routes. Additionally, exact data, material control, classification, destination checks, purchase orders and despatch with minimum staff help to keep these plants running at low cost.

We design economical systems to order with low maintenance and operation costs.
The major building projects and industrial plants we have designed in recent years are listed in the enclosed reference list.

Based on Mr. Lüchtefeld's thirty old years experience, a graduate engineer and the owner, in addition to the original structural analysis, construction and management of building projects since 1977, the "Lüchtefeld Engineering Team" was founded to plan factories throughout the country for prospective manufacturing investors. Growing demand was covered by technological and staff expansion. For example, since 1977 in the field of development and technology, extensive use has been made of EDP and CAD equipment. Our qualified employees have 10 EDP systems and 4 linked CAD terminals at their disposal to do their work. Besides in-house training seminars and further education courses, our office also acts as a trainee establishment.
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